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PRM-1 Microphone

A professional measurement tool.

The PRM1 Precision Reference Microphone is a special type of microphone that provides an accurate reproduction of a room's sound characteristics for use with audio-analysis tools. It employs a ¼”, pre-polarized electret-condenser capsule with an omnidirectional polar pattern, which allows the microphone to measure reflections, as well as direct signals up to 132 dB SPL. The PRM1 has an all-metal chassis and comes with a clip, foam windscreen, and hard case.


What makes the PRM1 different from most mics?

Unlike mics you use for recording and live sound, the PRM1 has a narrow dynamic range, since it is intended to receive test frequencies, such as pink noise, at a fixed level. As a result, it is not recommended for recording or performance—but it’s the right mic for tuning a sound system to perform accurately in a venue. The PRM1 exhibits linear (“flat”) frequency response between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, meaning it captures all frequencies equally within that range. Since it neither boosts nor cuts frequencies, it doesn’t color the sound, making it ideal for measuring what a room or speaker is doing to a sound system’s outgoing signal.


Designed for use with Smaart and other audio analysis tools.

While the PRM1 can be used for a variety of measurement applications, such as MLSSA™, Spectrafoo™, and TEF™, it is especially recommended for use with the Smaart® System Check wizards that are integrated into PreSonus® UC Surface control software for StudioLive® AI and StudioLive RM mixers. With this combination, you can have a complete, powerful, and affordable, audio-analysis and correction system.

IPS-1 IPAD Stand for StudioLive Mixers

IPAD Stand for PreSonus StudioLive mixers


Use this adapter to double your mixing and recording power by linking together two StudioLive 16.4.2AI, 24.4.2AI or 32.4.2AI mixers.

SL-AR12-Rack Ear

Rackmount your StudioLive AR12 mixer.


  • Solid rack-mounting system for one (1) StudioLive AR12
  • 8U Rack Ears
  • Total Mixer Length - 15.589" (approx 8.9U)

A cool way to protect your StudioLive AR12 or AR16. Go gig-to-gig in style.


  • Black padded nylon backpack
  • Reinforced zipper
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps.
  • Large pouch for cables and mics
  • Removable bolster for use with StudioLive AR12

StudioLive AR8 USB mixer bag

A cool way to protect your StudioLive AR8 Mixer. Go gig to gig in style.

  • Black, padded nylon shoulder bag
  • Reinforced zipper
  • Adjustable nylon shoulder strap.
  • Large pouch for cables and mics
  • Convenient handles for transport
SL-AR8-Rack Ear

Rackmount your StudioLive AR8 mixer.


  • Solid rack-mounting system for one (1) StudioLive AR8
  • 7U Rack Ears
  • Total Mixer Length - 12.047" (approx 6.9U)

The PreSonus SL-AVB-MIX AVB option card for StudioLive AI mixers lets you connect your AI console to an RM AI rackmount mixer for rock-solid, low-latency audio networking and control. Tweak the onstage RM mixer's XMAX mic pres directly from FoH. All StudioLive RM mixers include the AVB card, and a simple firmware update turns on this cool feature. If you're tired of lugging around heavy reels of copper snake, know that audio networking is the easy, cost-effective way to connect your audio gear. And compared with other networked stage boxes, the RM mixer expands your mix system, giving you a dedicated monitor mixer complete with its own Fat Channel processing and effects, independent of what you're using at front of house. Sweetwater's advice? Masochism is overrated. Shed the snake with the PreSonus SL-AVB-MIX AVB option card.




• Compatible with StudioLive 16.4.2 AI, 24.4.2 AI, 32.4.2 AI mixers

• Comes Standard with StudioLive RM16 and RM32 mixers

• Replace heavy, noisy analog copper snake with a single Ethernet cable

• Adds a complete monitor mixer onstage; 16 more aux mixes

• Separate Fat Channel processing and reverb/delay FX from FoH

• Control from UC Surface on a Windows 8 touch computer, Mac/PC laptop, or iPad

• Individual artist mix control with QMix-AI for iPhone

• FoH can source inputs from the local analog, FireWire, or remote RM mixer

• Stage RM mixer can source inputs from the local analog or remote FoH mixer

• Control RM AI mixer preamps from StudioLive AI console mixer FoH

• Linked Talkback, Scene save and recall

• Simple one-step connection takes care of all default routing and setup


The SL-Dante-MIX option card enables any StudioLive AI-series or StudioLive RM-series mixer to join a standard Dante™ network. The card houses two Ethernet connections for redundant Dante audio networking, recording and remote control via UC Surface, one S/PDIF output, and two FireWire 800 connections for continuously bidirectional recording and playback. Create a complete, networked audio system using a standard gigabit Ethernet switch and Audinate’s Dante digital-media networking technology, which offers no-hassle, true plug-and-play digital audio networking.


• 2 Dante™ ports add redundant Dante digital networking and recording to any StudioLive™ AI-series or RM-series Active Integration™ digital mixer

• FireWire S800 connectivity for recording and playback

• Up to 34 input channels (depending on mixer model)

• Up to 60 output channels (depending on mixer model)

• Direct patch to every input channel’s Digital Return buttons and to stereo digital 2Track In from the Dante network or over FireWire

• Direct channel outputs and Aux In A and B: pre/post Fat Channel, pre-fader (user selectable per channel via Dig Out button)

• Subgroups, Main Bus, and Aux/Mix Buses: post-Fat Channel/fader

• FX A-D Send mixes

• Easy to configure

• Reliable performance

• Works with a standard Ethernet network, using a gigabit Ethernet switch and CAT5 cables

• Native gigabit support

• Sample-accurate synchronization

• Operates on standard IT networks


Backpack for one StudioLive 16.0.2 Mixer


Take the show on the road with this convenient carrying backpack for StudioLive 16.0.2 Mixer. Sherpa shown in picture, not included. Item#: PRE-SL1602-Backpack


Protect your StudioLive Mixer from dust with this stylish black cover.

SL1602-Rack Ear (Kit)

Protect your StudioLive Mixer from dust with this stylish black cover.


Protect your StudioLive Mixer from dust with this stylish black cover.

SL1642-Rack Ear (Kit)

16.4.2 / CS18AI Rack Ear Mounting Kit


Solid rack-mounting system for your StudioLive 16.4.2, 16.4.2AI, or CS18AI

7U Rack Ears

Total Mixer Length - 22.364" (approx 12.8U)



Protect your StudioLive Mixer from dust with this stylish black cover.


Protect your StudioLive Mixer from dust with this stylish black cover.

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