Presonus Upgrade Your Summer Campaign is valid between 27th May – 1st June inclusive.

Save 25% on Studio One Professional Upgrades & Presonus Sphere Annual memberships!



Studio One 5 PRO Upgrade from ARTIST 1-4 / DOWNLOAD (PRE-S15 ART-PRO UPG)

2249,00 SEK

1639,00 DKK

2339,00 NOK

225,00 EUR


Studio One 5 PRO Upgrade from PRO 1-4 / DOWNLOAD (PRE-S15 PRO-PRO UPG)

1085,00 SEK

789,00 DKK

1119,00 NOK

112,00 EUR


PreSonus Sphere (1 Year) / Digital (PRE-SPHERE YEAR)

1425,00 SEK

1040,00 DKK

1475,00 NOK

124 EUR


The discount gives you 25% off from Studio One 5 and Notion 6 and is valid between 7th-10th May

Promotion excludes EDU licences and boxed products

Country specific prices:

Buy Presonus Eris E7 XT monitors and get Sonarworks Monoprice headphones and plugin for FREE

We are offrering Free Sonarworks Monoprice package to all customers who buy a pair of Presonus Eris E7 XT monitors.

What you get:

Unprecedented value for an aspiring engineer, DJ or anyone else in search of the first monitoring headphone. Now you can mix with confidence at an unbeatable price!

The Bundle includes:

– Reference 4 Systemwide – headphone functionality
– Reference 4 DAW plugin (AU, VST, AAX)
– Monoprice Over-the-Ear Headphones with a Single-Button Inline Microphone/Controller
– Average calibration profile for the Monoprice headphones along with 300+ other models
– Software license can be activated and used on 3 computers simultaneously

Monoprice value: 119 EUR/819 DKK/1.139 NOK/1.099 SEK

Campaign is limited to products we have on stock. Orders are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Contact your local sales representative to get your special deal.


I f you register a PreSonus interface or mixer during the promotional period (March 1st until May 31st 2021) via your Presonus account will receive a redemption code that you can use at


To take advantage of this offer, please follow these steps:
1. Login or create an account at and register your qualifying product.
2. Once you have completed your hardware registration, you will find your redemption code under Products | Add-ons in your MyPreSonus account.
3. Copy the code and follow the link to the private landing page hosted at
4. Follow the instructions to redeem your offer!


Qualifying products

AudioBox Series
AudioBox USB 96, AudioBox 96 Studio, AudioBox Studio Ultimate, iOne, iTwo, iTwo Studio
Studio Series
Studio 24c Studio 26c Studio 68c Studio 1810c Studio 1824c Studio 192
ioStation 24c
Quantum Series
Quantum 2626 Quantum Quantum 4848
StudioLive ARc Series
StudioLive AR8c, StudioLive AR12c, StudioLive AR16c
StudioLive Series III
StudioLive 32SC, StudioLive 32SX, StudioLive 32S, StudioLive 64S, StudioLive 16R, StudioLIve 24R, StudioLive 32R

Ehrlund EHR-M Microphone and SSL 2 Audio interface at an unbeatable price!
Now you can buy them at price of 1.399 EUR / 13.999 SEK.


Listen to Sophie Hanson, using the Ehrlund microphone and the SSL 2 sound card:

The campaign is valid until September 1st and only in Sweden and Finland


Superior front-end for superior results

The ioStation 24 c is feature-packed interface and control surface for every major DAW out there. FaderPort V2, together with a 2×2 USB-C audio interface. Motorized fader, Two XMAX mic preamps with 48V Phantom power and 24-bit, 192kHz A-D/D-A converters, headphone and line outs. ioStation 24 c comes with Studio One artist and studio Magic software bundle.

Full-range Headphones with Deep, Rich Bass

Whether you’re monitoring, tracking, mixing, or just listening for pleasure, you can expect impressive sonic performance from HD7 professional-quality headphones. They deliver natural, warm, clear sound and take advantage of a patented, semi-open sound chamber to deliver exceptionally deep low frequencies. You’ll enjoy accurate midrange and extended treble response that let you pick out the fine details of a mix or track, along with balanced, yet powerful bass punch.

Place an order for ioStation 24 c and HD7 headphones will be added to your order for free!

Offer valid until November 30th

Get 30% off from Studio One, Notion or 1 free month on Sphere!

Valid 22nd – 31st December

Please contact your local Presonus representative for more info

Buy SSL 2/2+ and get an extended plug-in pack between November 1 and December 31!

SSL is offering full licenses for FlexVerb and X-Comp for free in addition to the Drumstrip and Vocalstrip plugins already included with interfaces.

These extra plug-ins are also available to all users who have already registered their units, so there’s good news for all here!


The Studio One Premium Add-on Bundle is a collection of four of the best Studio One Add-ons for a single low price; providing tools to help you with nearly every aspect of music production—you get pro drums, a robust virtual piano, State-Space Modeled signal processing, and a batch conversion utility.

Why do I want it?

The Studio One Premium Add-on Bundle is a discount-priced “Greatest Hits” package of powerful Studio One Add-ons that will help you with every step of your music productions. First, you get Tom Brechtlein Drums V1 HD—a collection 320+ drum loops in multitrack format, so you can mix to your taste. Next up—Channel Strip Collection, two State-Space Modeled channel strips based on PreSonus classic hardware that sound so true that even our original hardware engineers can’t hear the difference! The 5.5 gigabyte multisampled PreSonus Studio Grand offers incredibly rich piano sounds (we even sampled pedal action noise and sustain pedal resonances) recorded across four mics. And the Audio Batch Converter rounds out the package by taking the laborious, time-consuming work out of processing multiple audio files. Convert sampling rates, apply your VSTs to multiple files, split stereo files to mono… you name it!

Massively-discounted bundle purchase includes the following:

  • Channel Strip Collection—VT1 and RC500 State-Space Modeled Channel Strips
  • Audio Batch Converter—Powerful audio file conversion tool for Studio One
  • Tom Brechtlein Drums V1 HD
  • PreSonus Studio Grand for Presence XT
  • All of this for just €107—save 57%

System Requirements

Studio One Prime, Artist or Professional – Version 4.5 or later

Mac OS X 10.11 or higher (64-bit only)

  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor (Intel Core i3 or better recommended)

Windows 7 x64 SP1 + platform update, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 10 x64

  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD® Athlon™ X2 processor (Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon X4 or better recommended)