DPA Microphones, the leading manufacturer of high-quality microphone solutions, has unveiled its new compact 2012 Cardioid and 2015 Wide Cardioid Microphones.

Featuring a durable, reinforced construction to withstand the rigors of touring, the new mics join the brand’s esteemed line of pencil mics and offer DPA’s renowned natural and precise sound reproduction

2012 Cardioid Microphone

The 2012 cardioid is designed for accurate close miking on any stage setup for single instruments that include horns, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, bass cabinets and more. It offers an extended frequency range and flat frequency response in a small-form factor, with a transient response that allows it to cope with high SPL.

Key features:

  • Excellent transient response
  • Uniform cardioid directionality
  • Outstanding SPL handling

2015 Wide Cardioid Microphone

The 2015 wide cardioid performs optimally as a stereo pair on drum kits and instrument groups. It is designed to provide uniform, wide cardioid directionality and a linear frequency response in capturing the sound of horn groups, vibraphones, xylophones and other large instruments. When closely positioned, the mics work with large grand pianos and as overheads for drum kits.

Key features:

  • Uniform wide cardioid pattern
  • Spacious sound
  • Compact design