World premiere of the Ehrlund Nano,

a compact studio microphone.

NANO – A new compact high-quality microphone from Ehrlund Microphones

Swedish Ehrlund Microphones, with their patented triangular diaphragm, are well in for their pristine sound quality in both live and studio circles around the world.
The new Nano carries DNA from Ehrlund’s well-known EHR-M model and is aimed at singers and instrumentalists for studio use.
Nano delivers Ehrlund’s unique technology with its well-known phase accuracy and large frequency response in a compact format.



Nano Features:

  • Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Patented triangular membrane
  • Patented internal amplifier and power circuits
  • Optimized for studio environments
  • Transparent and natural sound
  • Extremely low noise level
  • Built-in phase and frequency linear amplifiers
  • Wide coverage area, linear frequency response even at a distance or off-axis
  • Natural reproduction of fast transients
  • True reproduction of the sound source, negligible coloring of the sound
  • Frequency range from infrasonic bass to ultrasonic treble (7 Hz – 87,000 Hz)
  • Low power consumption, ~2.0 mA
  • No EQ pre-adjustment is needed, Ehrlund’s microphones are designed for a straight frequency response
Ehrlund Nano