Glorious news from PreSonus


Revelator is here!

This USB microphone is designed to deliver polished, professional-sounding results with ease. It is a microphone that’s made to fit any occasion, be it a solo recording, an interview or a round table discussion.

The Revelator from PreSonus is a USB microphone that is more than just a USB microphone. Whether you’re podcasting, streaming, vlogging, gaming or home recording, the Revelator keeps the audio crisp thanks to its built-in headphone amplifier, and the Loopback Audio makes blending audio from multiple applications a breeze. Revelator’s simple mixer makes this even easier by giving you two dedicated channels just for loopback audio on both macOS and Windows.

Revelator features voice effects to either polish your sound—or to completely transform it! Professionally-crafted presets make your voice stand out at the press of a button, thanks to the same award-winning sonic enhancement our StudioLive digital mixers provide. Additional effects let you emulate concert halls, AM radio, or even space invaders.

Revelator comes with a complete suite of professional software to take your sound to the next level whenever you’re ready. Studio One Artist makes it easy to polish your recordings with its lightning-fast drag-and-drop workflow, and the included templates make configuring your session quick and easy. Add bumpers to your podcasts, record multiple voice-over takes, and much more. With Revelator and Studio One Artist, you have everything you need to get professional results.