The OLLO Audio S5X Immersive Headphones utilise groundbreaking binaural technology to deliver reference-grade sound reproduction, designed for mixing and mastering.

Constructed to deliver unparalleled immersion and sonic accuracy, the S5Xs are equipped with the finest components including hand-matched left/right transducers. The 50mm drivers feature a two-layered coiled design with dynamic Neodymium speakers capable of handling up to 108dB SPL.

The thing that sets the S5Xs apart from standard open-back headphones, is that they are optimised for binaural mix translation between the headphones and your monitor setup. This allows you to seamlessly transition between the headphones and your studio monitors, allowing you to mix and master with absolute fluidity. Employing Kemar HATS simulator by G.R.A.S, OLLO Audio captures the frequency response of a Dolby Atmos-certified studio, basing it as the keystone in the development of the S5Xs. The result was a newly developed target curve designed to deliver immersion like no other headphones on the market.Matching the high-end components and construction, the S5X Headphones feature an artificial leather headband complete with elasticised poly leather and velour earpads with acoustic foam for maximum comfort. The earcups themselves are crafted from American walnut wood for a boutique-style finish