The Danish DJ and producer Terry Golden has been playing in rock and soul bands since his early teens, but fell in love with electronic music after hearing Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Jean-Michel Jarre. He bought his first reloop controller in 2013, and has since then been hooked on DJing. He remembers his first gig vividly: “It was a big birthday party, and I was terrified before I started, but it turned out to be a very uplifting feeling being able to control the dancefloor, just with the right song selection and some mixing. It’s a rush almost like a drug, I would imagine, and I was hooked”. Only a few years after his first gig, Terry was DJing at the Ice Hockey World Championship afterparty, his most popular track “Knowing” has close to 500 000 streams across platforms and he just signed with Undertake Records — so it’s easy to see that this DJ has his sight set on success.


In 2020, Terry built his own studio with a custom acoustic and studio table, fitted with ADAM Audio S2V monitors. Terry seeks the best possible setup and environment to produce his music. He states that “a good sound picture is very important in my music genre, with there being not enough low end, and a huge transient issue”. Deciding to go with the S2Vs, Terry feels that he now gets a much clearer and fuller sound picture. “My kind of electronic music, Big Room and Trance, is dependent on getting the placement of the different sounds just right, and I simply hear a lot more of the low, mids and highs with the S2V as compared to my old monitors. Kick, bass and synths are the key ingredients in my music and they catch them perfectly.” Since Terry is in Denmark and his label and sound engineer are in London, using Sonarworks SoundID Reference makes them ”able to listen to the same conditions. I was also blown away about the compensation it does for the lack of the right acoustic.”


Accepted into the Danish National Academy of Music and Jazz Institute Berlin, the young alumnus from Berklee College of Music has garnered a lot of attention: he has worked with some of the biggest names in music and is currently touring with the Whitney Houston musical “The Bodygyard”.

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